Legal English Language Training

Legal English Language Training is the best choice of language school for law students, international law firms and corporate legal departments in London, online and around the world who need focused training from experienced and qualified teachers. Our clients include Cisco Systems, Atlantica, Baker & McKenzie, Hardwicke Chambers and many more. We also help students to prepare for the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills. Take an intensive Legal English course in London with us today.

Legal English Intensive Course London

Learn Legal English in London for one week or several weeks with the best language teachers in the field.

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Legal English Online Course

Study Legal English online with our experienced and qualified native-speaker tutors.

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TOLES Course London

Prepare for the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills with our tutors in London, online and worldwide.

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At Legal English Language Training, we do things better than other language schools. The only way that you are going to gain confidence and fluency in the language is by one-to-one tuition. When you work with us, you get the undivided attention of your language teacher. Not 10%. Not 20%. Not 30%. 100% of the focus - all the time.

London Legal English Courses

Legal English Language Training UK works with great lawyers, law students, law firms, NGOs and multinational corporations.

Grammar in Legal English


Our work with this newly qualified lawyer at this top London law firm centred on the grammar in legal English. It took place over several days in London.

International Legal English Courses


Our tutors worked with the Russia legal team of Cisco Systems in Moscow to deliver a course in general legal English with emphasis on contract law.

Intensive Legal English


Enrico is an Italian lawyer who visited us in London to work on his legal English language skills for an intensive course over several days.

London School of Legal English


The Law Society of Almeria in Spain joined Legal English in London for a course of lessons and tours of Legal London.