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"Sam is a great English teacher:  enthusiastic, involved, patient and interesting.

He provides for another way of teaching, based on a true communication and exchange between him and the client/pupil."

Virginie, French lawyer based in Kensington, London.


"I learnt enough in two weeks from Legal English UK about so many different things; including the English language and the legal system in the UK.  The classes were brilliant.  Congratulations."

Paloma Martin, Spanish lawyer based in Almeria, Spain.


"I have the best teacher in the world."

Andrea Mozer, Police Detective from Hungary based in London.


"I have learned so much and will be returning to the Legal English Language Training next year."

Enrico Sarti, Italian lawyer based in Florence, Italy.


Excellent.  I am booking another intensive course straightaway.

Esther, Marketing Manager at Baker & McKenzie

Language Courses for Lawyers

Legal English Language Training is the world's leading provider of language courses for lawyers and law students around the world.  Our corporate client list includes Google, Cisco Systems, Hardwicke Chambers, Baker & MacKenzie and hundreds of international law firms.  


Our sister agency Unique Language Training delivers business language training courses.  


Do you need to know more?  Call 44(0)20 3566 0145, email or fill in the form.  

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       Be the best lawyer that you can be.

Language Training Courses for Legal Professionals


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Highlights from the English for Law Blog

Journal of Legal English Language Skills

Drafting legal contracts


As an international lawyer, part of your job is likely to be drafting contracts.  Read this guide for a free lesson.  


Have you made a mistake in English in the last three years?


We all make mistakes, but lawyers have to be really careful when it comes to language.

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Click here to download a PDF of our brochure TOLES Test of Legal English Skills

How to approach the TOLES Test


The TOLES Test of Legal English Skills is an exam for international lawyers working in the UK, the US, Canada and Australia.


A walk through Legal London.  What are the best places for TOLES students and Legal English learners to hang out?

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Best Books for TOLES & Legal English


The best coursebooks for Legal English (including the excellent Legal English Skills for Lawyers).

Intensive Legal English Courses London

Intensive Legal English Courses


In-house Language Training

TOLES Test of Legal English Skills Classes Online Legal English Courses

Legal English Online

Legal Spanish Courses

Legal Spanish Courses

Our tutors work with lawyers from law firms and organisations around the world.

LLB Law Tutors

Meet our Teachers

English for Corporate Lawyers

English for Corporate Lawyers

Legal English Writing Course

Legal Writing Skills

Legal French Language Courses

Legal French Courses

Legal English Residential Courses London

Residential Courses (London)

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We do things a little differently here.

We believe in listening to what our learners need; because when it comes to learning a language and communicating confidently with colleagues and clients, the focus should always be on the needs and skill level of the student.  If you need competitive advantage, we are your best option.

Tell us about yourself and how we can help you.  


What do our learners think about us?

How to improve your legal writing skills in documents, letters, memos and e-mails.

What are the main differences between barristers and solicitors?  

Lawyers told to learn English


Top law firm Freshfields has told its lawyers to start letters with 'Dear Sir or Madam.'

Lawyers and English language short legal english courses


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The language course you need to improve as a lawyer.