A short history

Legal English Language Training UK was started by a team of legal English language teachers who had grown tired of seeing great international lawyers, clerks and law students having to endure poor quality tutoring in language schools where the tutors knew little about language or the law.

In the seven years that we have been in operation in London, we have worked with some of the biggest law firms and organisations. Businesses such as Cisco Systems, Google, Abengoa and BDB Insurance call on us regularly to run workshops with their legal teams. Law firms such as Jausas in Barcelona, Baker & McKenzie, Studio Sarti in Florence and HPJV in Wales count on us to deliver the very best in legal language training. We work with translators, barristers, solicitors, legal secretaries, law students, in-house counsel and interested laypeople.

Our focus is on tailored legal language training courses for motivated individual learners as well as providing in-company language training courses and seminars for law firms, institutions and corporate legal departments. We have helped dozens of lawyers and law students to greater confidence and fluency in their chosen language.

Our team of Legal English trainers possess a broad knowledge of the law and have worked around the world teaching English as a Foreign Language and Legal English. We also have an excellent team of trainers in Legal French, Legal Spanish and Legal German who are skilled lawyer-linguists in their own right.

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