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As the world's leading school of Legal English for international lawyers, we know a lot about teaching Business English to executives, managers and top professionals.

We have taught leading executives from multinational companies as diverse as Google, Cisco, Atlantica Yield, Goldman Sachs and many more businesses - large and small.

Our reputation is for high-quality bespoke language training that puts the student at the heart of the learning process. No more tired classes with EFL instructors who do not understand business - just more structured and relevant language work with teachers who have lived and breathed Business English for all of their working lives.

Course Materials

A Business English tutor is only as good as his or her material. We are lucky to be able to call upon the resources of London Language Training Solutions in this respect. Using one of London's largest libraries of Business English coursebooks, workbooks and textbooks as well as bespoke learning materials and a broad selection of newspapers and magazines, we have the resources to equip our trainers and students with relevant and up-to-date course material.

You can learn online, at your office or home, or at our office in Wimbledon

There is no excuse not to start learning Business English with us today. We offer courses via the internet or face-to-face. Our world-class language teachers will even travel to you.

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