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TOLES Test of Legal English Skills:  How can I prepare effectively?

Why is there a need a Test of English for Lawyers?

In the field of law, language is perhaps more important than in any other area as one has to be very specific so that no contradictions or inaccuracies may occur.  With this in mind, the test does pay particular attention to participants' level of English.  Therefore, please make sure that your grammar and sentence structure knowledge is the best that it can be.  Take a few English language classes, do as many grammar exercises as you can and keep listening to legal podcasts.  

Michael, Lead Legal English Trainer


Foundation, Higher or Advanced?

If you are already a skilled user of English, then there is no reason why you shouldn't jump straight to the Advanced or Higher test.  The Foundation test is more for basic English speakers.  If you have the time, you can practice with the lower one but have a word with your tutor to make sure.

Cheryl, Legal English Course and Business English instructor 


Start reading and researching

While the test is not a test of English law or American law, it is good to immerse yourself in legal terminology as much as possible as this will feature in all three tests.  Read our excellent Legal English Blog, read The Times law supplement on Tuesdays or read specialise magazines such as The New Law Journal and The Lawyer.  If you are in the UK, spend some time in a courtroom just to familiarise yourself with legal procedure in this country.

Dan, Assistant to the Legal English Course Trainers


Aim for the Advanced test

The Advanced test is a difficult test that requires some knowledge of the law as well as awareness of using the correct word forms.  In Legal English language, you are required to certainly write letters and compose documents in a particular way.  By preparing for the advanced test, you will develop the habit of doing this.

Andrew, Legal English Course Consultant and Solicitor 



If you are looking to study for the Test of Legal English, then click on the link for further information.  You can also fill out the form on this screen, telephone 020 3566 0145 or e-mail here.  

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The TOLES Test of Legal English Skills is an examination of the English language and English law for lawyers and legal professionals.   It covers a range of topics; including negotiating, banking law and the law of tort.  There are three test levels:  Foundation, Higher and Advanced.  In this article, we asked a few of our Legal English instructors for their tips for succeeding in TOLES.

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