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Top Lawyers told to use correct English by Bar Council

Barristers are the branch of the legal profession that tends to specialise in litigation.  They are distinguishable from solicitors by their legal dress (at least in the lower courts but not The Supreme Court) of wig and robe.  


The Bar Standards Body, the regulatory body for the barristers, has issued an updated Professional Statement for all new barristers.  


The document goes into considerable detail about communication and standards of language.  Section 1.8 reads that "Barristers should use correct English grammar, punctuation and spelling" and "speak fluent English."  Section 1.9 adds that barristers should write and speak with clarity and precision.  They should also "speak accurately and fluently."


Legal English Language Training welcomed the news as we have taught many barristers to improve their language skills.  Chris Mitchell said "The BSB has obviously been paying attention to what we have been saying about lawyers speaking excellent English.  We only hope that more barristers choose us to help them with their communication skills."


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Lawyers told to speak Legal English
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