If you study Legal English or are preparing for the TOLES exam, blogs are a great help. We asked our expert teachers and great students to tell us about their favourite blogs and how they can help people learning legal English.


The Legal English Blog

We had to start with our own blog as it is the only one that we can see on the web that is updated consistently by expert language trainers and lawyers. It has proven to be a fantastic resource for TOLES students and learners of legal English and legal Spanish and is maintained by a top team of teachers who know what they are talking about.

The Financial Times

The Financial Times newspaper has always maintained a very good legal section read consistently by lawyers and law students. This blog is maintained by the excellent David Allen Green, who is one of the most informed people around when it comes to English law.

English for law Blog

This blog seems to be updated regularly by a legal English language teacher and while it is based in the UK it seems to be more interested in law from the United States. It is particularly useful for recommending podcasts and newspaper articles pertaining to Supreme Court decisions in the US and the UK.

The New Law Journal Blog

The New Law Journal is an excellent legal magazine for lawyers and law students in the UK. The blog is serious in tone and obviously designed for native speakers of legal English. Having recognised that, the blog uses expert writers and lawyers to offer opinions on legal reports and cases. It is particularly recommended for advanced TOLES students.

The UK Supreme Court Blog

The United Kingdom Supreme Court has a great reputation for transparency. They are the only court in the UK to allow TV cameras into their courtrooms and we encourage all our students to take a tour when they are in London as the staff are really accommodating to legal English students. The blog is worth reading as it provides insights into cases that have been heard by the court as well as details of judgments made.

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