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Case Study: Intensive English for Lawyers (Charities and Trusts)

Name of Student:

Enrico Sarti



Sarti, Colombo e Associati, Florence, Italy









Intensive English for Law with specific

focus on charities and trusts



This course is a perfect example of why Legal English UK is the only option for learners who need bespoke legal language training in areas that very few schools have the resources or willpower to provide.  


Enrico came to us with a very specific request.  Enrico's main field of expertise is on charitable trusts in Italy.  He asked us to provide him with an overview of the law in England and Wales in this area.


Customised Course

We asked Enrico for specific instructions on what he wished to focus on.  This was his request:-


1.      Charities and not profit organizations: governance, etc;

2.      Business network contracts for not for profit organizations;

3.      Fundraising for not profit organizations and fiscal law;

4.      How may I write letters and contracts in these areas?



A course such as this demands a heavy amount of research beforehand.  It involves visiting the various organisations involved in charities and fundraising as well as meeting with some of the staff to gain background knowledge of this area.  It also involves heavy research of law books and the web so that our tutor gains a good understanding of the law in this highly specific area.



The course took place each day over seven days.  Enrico visited our office on each of these days.  To begin with, he and his Legal English tutor looked at general Legal English.  We looked at the specifics of the language - the vocabulary, the grammar, the expressions.  We also explored some aspect of General English and Business English before moving onto the law relating to charities in England and Wales.


As mentioned previously, this is a highly nuanced area of English law and in order to have it explained to somebody correctly and so that they understand it, it is essential that an experienced and skilled tutor of Legal English should do it.  We are lucky to have a strong team of teachers in this area and the person we chose for this assignment was praised by Mr Sarti for his work during the course.



Enrico described the course variously as "terrific" and "magnificent."  All the objectives of the course were covered and Enrico gained a strong understanding of English law, particularly in relation to charity law.  


If you would like to study English for Law on an intensive basis over one week or longer, please e-mail us, telephone 020 3566 0145 or fill out the form on this page.  

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