In-Company and Corporate English Language Training

We work with law firms and businesses in London, Surrey and Berkshire to provide the best in Business English and Legal English Language Training. For further information, contact us or scroll down.

Corporate Language Training

Our language courses for law firms, corporate legal departments and business are designed to help your staff to communicate effectively in a second language. Legal English UK has teamed up with our sister language school London Language Training to deliver tailor-made language training solutions across London, Surrey and throughout the UK. Our bespoke language courses cover our specialisation of Legal English as well as Business English and many modern foreign languages.

A Language Training Partner

We have over 20 years of experience teaching languages to business professionals, paralegals and lawyers from around the world. We work with students at Ashurst, Baker McKenzie, Santander, Google, AB InBev, BAT, BNP Paribas, JPMC and countless more to deliver effective the best in corporate language training. These organisations demand the very best and we deliver every time. Our language teachers undertake a rigorous selection process that checks their knowledge, experience and passion for the role.

What are the benefits of learning with us?

Develop greater confidence in your chosen language

Enhance your oral and aural communication skills for networking and delivering presentations

Communicate effectively in a plethora of social situations

Greater awareness for drafting legal documents and legal correspondence

Further your understanding of national legal systems in England and Wales particularly

Typical Course Content

The content of the course is determined by the students, HR/L&D and our trainers and will be structured in such a way as to cover those areas required after a comprehensive needs analysis has been undertaken. A typical course might include:-

  • Negotiation skills
  • Presentation delivery
  • The grammar of the language
  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Exam preparation
  • How to talk to clients and colleagues

A Unique Approach to language learning

Our courses are available 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. They can be taken anywhere in the UK. We also run intensive language courses across the world for lawyers who need the very best teaching to increase and improve fluency and confidence. Note also that we are not just any old language school owned by a conglomerate but a fully independent training provider dedicated solely to the teaching of English language for Law and other modern foreign languages from a legal and business standpoint.

The very best Legal Language Teachers

All of our language tutors are experienced language teachers with legal backgrounds. In some cases, they have law degrees and/or have worked in the legal sector.

JB (Biography)

JB is a lawyer with considerable experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language as well as Legal English. As a practising solicitor until recently, she mentored many lawyers and enjoys working with young people. She is based in Kent.

If you work in the HR Department or the Training Department of your law firm or company and would like us to run Legal English or Legal Language training courses for some of your staff, please telephone 020 3573 0182, e-mail us or fill in the form below.

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