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CV Writing Service

A special CV writing service for international lawyers from Legal English UK

Having a professional up-to-date CV is one of the biggest obstacles to getting the perfect job in the legal sector.  It is a problem for so many candidates because they either put something together at the last minute or send out a generic CV with little relevance to what the employer is looking for.


The state of CVs in the United Kingdom

At Legal English UK and Unique Language Training, we receive hundreds of CVs a week from job candidates and we see countless more from lawyers and law students seeking our advice and assistance.  In all honesty, many CVs and cover letters sent out by candidates are substandard and while they are supposed to present a strong image of the person, they seem generic, boring and error-laden.


A tailored solution

Every job candidate deserves a well-crafted, individually cutomised and attractive document that presents your best you.  If you have written your own CV, or have asked a member of your family to compose the document for you, it is difficult to remain objective.  A CV done in this manner can either be not enough or too much.


This is why you need an expert in the field.  Have a tutor who is skilled in teaching English and law to help you to finesse your CV in readiness for the jobs market is the only way to know that you are presenting your best image to future employers.  









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CV writing for lawyers