Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

Legal English UK can run your law firm's social media accounts in English while you sit back and watch your brand grow. Increase your web presence and attract more clients with a professional account. What's more, you can get your first month for half-price.

Digital Media for Law Firms

Social media marketing is an affordable way for lawyers and law firms to maintain relationships with existing clients and find new ones.

Having a successful social media strategy is essential for law firms needing to stand out in a competitive sector. 49% of lawyers found new clients through social media and this number is only going to grow as more people rely on it for news and information.

Mastering social media is a long-term process which very few law firms get right. You may get lucky with a viral video but chances are that you are going to have to build your reputation with relevant posts and engaging graphics - which is where we come in.

What can we do?

We'll take control of your social media accounts and post several times a day on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram with valuable posts designed to engage existing and future clients.

We can also check and proofread articles or write articles for you.

Social Media Management Packages from £99 per month

Many law firms simply don't have the time or manpower to implement successful social media strategies consistently over time. Let us do the hard work and see a significant return on investment.

  • Boost your brand

  • Increase the credibility of your law firm

Ask these questions to yourself

What are the goals of your law firm and how can social media help you to implement them?

Who is your target audience?

Should you use one particular channel or several?

What kind of content would you like us to share to your followers?

We need as much information as possible in order to grow your brand.

Legal English UK can deliver a successful social media strategy for your law firm. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.