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EFLIT English for Law Courses

EFLIT: English for Law and International Transactions Courses

Structured training programmes in London and online with expert teachers
As the UK's largest provider of legal English courses, there is no organisation better placed to marry Financial English, Business English and Legal English. Our specialist language courses provide participants with the opportunity to advance their careers, prepare for university or to prepare for the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills.


The best language courses

Legal English Language Training works with business students, MBA students, lawyers, notaries, in-house lawyers, barristers, solicitors, law students, paralegals, judges, magistrates, translators and interpreters to teach participants the legal and business English language skills necessary to work successfully in the corporate world.


Your business relationships and the success of your organisation may be at risk if you do not have a strong command of professional English.


The best language teachers

At Legal English UK, we have mastered the art of teaching English to lawyers with our inspirational teaching techniques and our unique language training methodology. This allows delegates to improve their legal and linguistic skills quickly and more effectively.


Our programmes are interactive and allow for students to engage fully with the learning process. This leads to a colloborative learning environment where courses are relevant for every participant.


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Our teachers are skilled legal English trainers, linguists, lawyers and business English trainers who have worked in the legal sector in various roles. Using relevant course materials including bespoke case studies, official legal documents and reports, coursebooks and journals, there is no better school to work with you.


For further information please telephone (44)0 20 3573 0182 or fill in the form below.

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