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Case Study:  Legal English Course (Insurance Law)

Name of Student:

Enrico Di Micco



BDP Limited








Language Course:

Weekly English for Lawyers Course

with specific focus on shipping law and insurance law in England and Wales.

What were we asked to do?

Enrico is an Italian lawyer working in the London office of BDP Limited.  BDP asked us to design a language course for Enrico in legal English with some business English included to help with meeting clients, presentations and negotiations.


BDP is an insurance broker for Lloyd's of London, so we understood that the course would require careful planning and preparation.  


We asked our research team to prepare a series of lessons for Mr Di Micco that would improve his skills in Legal English and provide him with a better understanding of advanced grammar and vocabulary.  




How did we succeed?

Enrico worked with our lead Legal English trainer Michael Davies.  Michael has taught Legal English across Europe and Asia and possesses a law degree from the University of Wales.  Having worked at some of the biggest law firms in the UK after graduating, he decided to teach legal English full time and has written a bestselling book on the subject.  


Michael visits Enrico at BDB's office near Bank Station in the City of London once a week to improve his skills in English for Law.  At the start of each week, an assistant emails Enrico the plan for each lesson with some material to read beforehand.  Enrico reads through this material so that he is prepared for the class.  


Each lesson lasts two hours and has a general focal point:  contract law, meeting clients, the English legal profession and shipping law have all been covered recently.  Enrico's tutor will talk through the topic and there will be a mixture of discussions, exercises, role plays and other work to enhance Enrico's knowledge of the subject area.


What was the student's feedback?

Enrico has remained committed and passionate to the course and has offered regular feedback.  He enjoys the interactive nature of each session and the flexibility to learn those areas that he wants to learn about rather than generic studying.  


If you would like to improve your Legal English, please contact us on 44(0) 20 3566 0145, by email or by filling out the form on this page.  

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