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Case Study:  Legal English for Corporate Lawyers

Name of Student:

Melissa Vilcan



Anglo-American Mining Corporation, London








Language Course:

Intensive Legal English Language Course

with specific focus on environmental law and local government in the United Kingdom.

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What were we asked to do?

Melissa planned to take a month-long working holiday in the United Kingdom.  She wanted to use the opportunity to develop her English language skills, her Legal English language skills and learn more about her organisation.  She also wanted to spend time in London and enjoy the city.  


Melissa asked Legal English UK to design a legal language training course specifically for her.  She asked us to teach her about Environmental law in England and Wales, to provide her with a deeper understanding of the English legal system and provide her with the language and vocabulary to communicate orally and in written form with colleagues, clients and fellow corporate lawyers from the US, the UK and other English-speaking nations.

How did we succeed?

We appointed a personal legal English language tutor to work with Melissa throughout the course to ensure consistency and clarity within the programme.  We also worked with Melissa prior to her arrival in London and met with her in London before the course began to introduce ourselves and discuss our ideas for the course and listen to her ideas for the course.


A course schedule was outlined and a researcher appointed to find material directly relating to the areas that Melissa had requested us to cover.  The tutor then designed a more detailed course schedule and delivered the course at the offices of Anglo-American in Carlton House Terrace in London, as well as at our office in south-west London.


Melissa also asked us to find her accommodation close to our office and we did so.


What was the student's feedback?

Melissa loved the course and consistently praised her legal English language tutor.  She had studied in a school of English previously but had been placed in the wrong level in a large group and felt she had learned very little.  She wished she had started learning General English and Legal English with us earlier.


Legal English Training UK runs language courses in English for Lawyers and legal practitioners.  Our clients include Cisco Systems, Anglo-American Mining, Santander Bank and many more.  Courses can run worldwide, in London and on-line and you can contact us by filling out the form on this page, by telephoning 020 3566 0145 or by e-mailing us.  


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