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Legal English Case Study:  Fabrizio Celestini

Name of Student:

Fabrizio Celestini



UNESCO, Paris, France









Short language course in English for Law with emphasis on contract law, insurance law and art law.



These intensive classes serve as another example of why Legal English Language Training is the only choice for specialist language classes for lawyers.  Fabrizio approached us to design a course for him that had particular focus on the art field as he had been working at UNESCO in Paris on works of art that had been stolen.  


One of our language tutors has an interest in art and so was assigned this programme.  


Bespoke Course

We asked Fabrizio to tell is exactly the areas that he wished to focus on.  After a needs assessment, we designed a course with emphasis on the language of art law within the United Kingdom and the European Union.  



A course such as this demands a heavy amount of research beforehand.  Our research team found many useful resources for our tutor to teach each class.  A tutor is only as good as the material they have to hand, and as always our tutor had the best course material.



The course took place at the Legal English office in Wimbledon over four days.  Lessons were done intensively due to time constraints so our tutor made sure to vary the workload and make each segment particularly interesting.  



Enrico described the course variously as "terrific" and "magnificent."  All the objectives of the course were covered and Fabrizio gained a deeper knowledge of the language of English law and art law.  A film of his comments is featured below.


If you would like to study English for Law on an intensive basis for one week or longer, please e-mail us, telephone 020 3566 0145 or fill out the form on this page.  

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