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Legal English Training for Lawyers:  Cambridge ILEC Test Tips

The Cambridge English:  Legal or ILEC Examination is a legal test of English aimed at lawyers and other legal professionals.  In this article, we take a look at some of the ways that one can improve one's test score.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PAGE HAS BEEN ARCHIVED AS THE EXAMINATION CEASED IN DECEMBER 2016.


Understand English

Before taking the test, make sure that you have a good grasp of grammar, sentence structure, collcations and phrasal verbs (among other aspects of the language).  Above all, this is a test of English which you will need to understand to a high degree.



Test participants should practise the fine art of paraphrasing as you will need this skill specifically for the speaking and listening tests and indirectly for the reading and writing aspects of the exam.  During lessons, make sure that your teacher practises this skill with you as frequently as possible and offers you constructive feedback.


ILEC Writing Exam

Part one of the writing exam is worth 40% of marks whilst part two is worth 60%, so try and allocate your time accordingly.  Make a note of key words and key points that you will need to be aware of and possibly make reference to in the exam.


ILEC Listening

You will hear everything twice, so do not worry if you miss things out the first time.  Different students take this test in different ways, but we recommend listening to everything first of all and then answering during the second time.


If there are any missing answers, try and take a logical guess.  It is far better than leaving a blank space.


ILEC Speaking

The examiners are looking at your interactive skills as well as your ability to present.  You need to show that you are a good communicator, as well as a good English speaker.  Look interested in the other person, mix your questions with tag questions and comments and deliver a structured speech when called upon.  Try all this in class with your Legal English teacher.



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