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Our Legal English courses are for law students, practising lawyers and legal professionals who demand the best training from world-class teachers. You can meet a few of our alumni on this page.

Since Legal English UK was founded in London in the year 2010, our teachers have worked with some of the most ambitious international lawyers in their fields. We have worked with the corporate legal departments of Cisco, BAT, BDB, Google UK, KPMG, Banco Santander and many more organisations. We have worked with law firms of the calibre of Baker & McKenzie, Studio Sarti, Quality Solicitors, Holwick Fennan Willan and Hardwicke Chambers. We have worked with more ambitious lawyers and legal professionals teaching a more diverse range of language courses than any other language school or training provider.


Legal English Language Training would not be where we are today without the hard work, focus and intelligence of our great students. Whether learning with us online or in London, our students have demonstrated that they are truly the best in their respective subject areas. We cannot ask everyone to contribute a few words about their courses and teachers but a few have very kindly done so. Enjoy these success stories.


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Enrico Sarti is a lawyer from Italy who visits London each year to study legal English with us. His main focus is on language skills related to canon law and charities and trusts. He also likes to work on his writing skills and presentation skills.


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Fabrizio Celestini was working for UNESCO when he visited us to improve his language skills in the law of art. We also sought to improve his knowledge of British contract law and his negotiating skills while he was with us.


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Larissa Benevides is an interpreter based in Brazil. She visited Legal English in London for a one-to-one intensive course that covered environmental law and English related to the oil and gas industry.


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Fortune 500 company Cisco Systems contacted the London Legal English Teachers to help the Moscow Legal Team to understand contract law and negotiating terms better. The class took place in London and Moscow and the course was superb.


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Legal English for Spanish lawyers

Working with several Spanish law associations and universities, we regularly invite lawyers from Spain to study legal English with us. Our work covers contract law, corporate law, the English legal system and many other aspects.


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