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Learning Legal English

You can now learn legal English for free on Instagram

As the world's number one school of legal English for lawyers, law students, paralegals and everybody else who is interested, we are constantly seeking new ways to engage with students and bring value directly to people who may not be able to take a language course with us.


One way of offering this is through our great work on social media. Our Facebook page is one of the most popular in EFL as is our Twitter page.


One of the best ways we have found to talk to learners is our Instagram page. It is packed with hints and tips on learning English and the law, interviews with our tutors and students, great photographs of London and Wimbledon and even the occasional lawyer joke.


If you are on Instagram, do like our page by clicking here and remember to sign up to alerts. We promise to post great content just the right amount of times.


For more on learning legal English or business English online, contact us today.

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