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Cambridge University Legal English Exam

The Cambridge University Legal English Exam (also known as the ILEC) was unfortunately discontinued in 2016. Use this sad news as an opportunity by reading our article.

All good things must come to an end. This phrase proved appropriate in 2016 when the Cambridge University Legal English exam (otherwise known as the ILEC) was taken by students for the last time.

The exam was as comprehensive as it was challenging and many Legal English teachers were disappointed when it stopped. It covered many subjects of English law and language with clever exercises that clearly tested the test taker. Unfortunately, it lost out to other legal English exams and general English exams despite its superiority.

Can I take the ILEC exam now?

There are no new exams but you can search for past papers and do them as a way of checking your understanding of legal English.

What alternatives are there?

There are several alternatives available to learners of English for Law. The TOLES Test of Legal English Skills is the obvious option if you wish to have an understanding of your language level.

You can also take general English exams such as IELTS and the Cambridge exams.

One of the great advantages of the ILEC exam was that it included a speaking element (something not offered in the TOLES exam). Legal English UK offers a short oral test to determine your Legal and Business English level.

Legal English Books

There are several books available that are linked to the ILEC exam - all of which can be useful for people who study Legal English. These include The International Legal English Book and Absolute Legal English, both of which are incredibly useful sources for international lawyers looking to develop their communication and legal skills.

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