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Questions about Legal Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions

Students are frequently asking tutors of Legal English UK in London and Online some very searching questions about who we are and why do what we do. We do our best to answer them below.

If you have any questions for the Legal English Language Training team then let us know by email or through the form at the bottom of this page and we will do our best to answer you. Where are you based? Legal English UK is based in London but we send tutors around the world to deliver our world-class courses. We also run an online school. How do you recruit your teachers? Tutors from all over the world send their CVs to us detailing their background. If we like a candidate, we will invite them for several rounds of interviews before hiring a new member of the team. If you teach Legal English, you may be able to work with Legal English Online Do you have a language school? We are owned by our language teachers and unlike other language schools like Berlitz and Wall Street English, we are not a big business so we cannot afford a building in Central London. Our tutors work from home, visit students at their offices or we partner with law firms and businesses in major cities to use their meeting space when needed. How can you claim that you are the best School of English in London? There are many language schools in London and in every major city but none of them are owned by their teachers. It is sad that the language training sector is one of the most low-paid industries in existence but language schools take all their profits and then pay their teachers minimum wage. We do not - we value our teachers as much as we value our students. Learn Legal English Online with our world-class teachers What course materials do you use? We have a library of course books and course materials that we are able to use with our students. This ranges from case studies to law books to newspaper and magazine articles as well as presentations and tutors' own material. These materials can be used in both our online classes and in face-to-face courses. Do you only teach one-to-one classes? We prefer one-to-one training as it allows the student and tutor to develop a rapport and focus on specific areas of Legal English (and Legal Spanish, Legal Italian and the other languages that we offer). We do run group courses both for law firms and in London so let us know if you prefer group classes. If you have any further questions, fill out the form below and our team will answer you as soon as we are able to.

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