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Intellectual Property Law Course

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Intellectual Property in Legal English

The Legal English of Intellectual Property Law course is a comprehensive training programme delivering the essential law and key Legal English terminology of IP law in lessons which cover reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. This course may be taken in London, on-site at your office or online.

Legal English of IP Law Course

With this engaging and intellectually nourishing law course, you will focus mainly on the language of intellectual property law used by British and US lawyers. Here are some typical lessons that you will benefit from:

Module One

Trade Mark Law Language and Law of trade marks with relevant examples of phrases and vocabulary connected to copyrights, trademarks, fair use, public domain, derivative works.

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Module Two Trade Mark Law in practice. This lesson looks at the law and practical methods of registration of trade marks plus the vocabulary of this area of law, e. g. Protected emblems, customary, distinctive, arbitrary, etc.

Module Three Protection of Well-Known Trade Marks. The Law and language which relate to the protection of trade marks with additional focus on blurring, notoriety, counterfeiting, infringement.

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Module Four Disputes involving Website Domain Names The Law plus legal and technical language relating to disputes involving domain names, e.g. cybersquatting.

Module Five Copyright Law: The Law and vocabulary of basic legal principles and general policy of copyright, e g exclusive economic rights, recorded materials, first owners, moral rights.

Module Six

Copyright Law in Practice. A deep dive into the contemporary topics of the law as it stands today and the legal vocabulary associated with it, e.g. exhaustion, parallel imports, moral rights.

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Module Seven Patent Law The Law and vocabulary of basic legal principles and general policy of Patents, e g Patentability, inventive step, excluded types, industrial use specifications.

Module Eight IP Contracts and Agreements The necessary vocabulary and phrases needed to discuss and agree terms of IP contracts negotiating and drafting agreements such as naked licenses, royalty payments.

Module Nine

Modern Issues which impact IP and IT Law and practice the vocabulary of the modern law and practice of IT and IP, e.g. Knowledge exchange, GDPR, knowledge transfer providers, intranet.

Please note that you can pick and mix the modules so if you wish to focus on module six then your expert teacher can spend more time on that module rather than other modules.

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