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Is Legal English the right course for me?

In a word, yes. If you are a lawyer, law student, translator or legal professional who needs to have the communication skills to speak with your peers in an adversarial or sociable manner, our tutors will teach you how. What will a Legal English course cover? A Legal English course should provide course participants with an understanding into the law of England and Wales as well as guidance as to the type of language used within various legal contexts. There should be work on developing writing skills in formal and less formal situations, some work on negotiating and the teacher should seek to develop your knowledge of the legal system. Is it important that the teacher be a lawyer? Speaking for Legal English UK, we employ a range of teachers with varying backgrounds in the legal sector. We ask that tutors hold a law degree from a reputable university, have taught Legal English and Business English before and have a demonstrable passion for teaching English and law. This range of qualities is unusual so our recruitment process is strict. Therefore, while it is an advantage to have be a lawyer that does not necessarily mean that you can teach so we would always choose an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) tutor with a law degree over a lawyer who possesses neither the talent or passion to teach. I work in a particular field of law. Can you help me? Legal English UK specialises in teaching to lawyers in highly specialist areas. We work with thousands of lawyers each year and each one of them is markedly different in terms of their ability to learn and in the areas of law that they work in. In the past six months, we have taught lawyers who specialist in human rights law, contract law, corporate law, canon law, environmental law and criminal law among other areas. If you work in a particular area of law, our tutors can work with you with confidence and poise.

Legal English Learning

My language level is too low. Am I still able to learn Legal English with you?

Legal English UK asks that students be of intermediate level and above, which under the Common European Framework of Languages is considered to be B1 level.

Should I just take an IELTS or Business English course instead?

Either course will certainly improve your English language skills if you go to a reputable language school. However, if you are looking to work in the legal field then a Legal English course is by far your best option.

For further information on learning Legal English in London and online, fill in the form below or email Legal English UK.

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