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Legal English London

Legal English 27 Plus Course

This course from Legal English UK is for lawyers over the age of 27. You may take it in London, online or around the world.

Legal English Language Training's 27 Plus Course is a five-day programme aimed at international lawyers who have the ambition to take their language skills to a more proficient level. Using Legal English UK's Unique approach to language learning, delegates take a deep dive into case studies, negotiating skills, presenting skills, the drafting of watertight contracts and the process of litigating.

If you are successful in joining this prestigious course, you will improve your ability to communicate in Legal English and gain the confidence to communicate with impact in a plethora of situations.

Who is eligible?

We ask that you be over 27 years old and have a reasonable level of the English language. Your intention is to be able to communicate with greater impact in Legal English both in formal and informal situations. You are ambitious and have a willingness to communicate.

What is covered during the course?

Using the Direct Approach to language learning, students will cover a range of skills during the course, including:

The grammar of Legal English

How to communicate effectively in meetings, presentations and negotiations

How to write with directness and flair

Drafting contracts in Legal English

How to give legal advice

Why learn with the world's best Legal English teachers?

We have worked with lawyers from KPMG, Cisco, Google, Santander Bank, JP Morgan, Baker McKenzie, Bloomsbury Law and many other top organisations and law firms. We consistently deliver world beating results for our students. Our students regularly rate us as the very best experience of learning English.

The Details

Location: Wimbledon/Central London

Max Group: Six

Hours: 30 hours

Duration: Monday to Friday

Schedule: Weekly

Cost: Contact Legal English UK

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