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Presentational Skills Course

Presentation Skills Course

The presentation skills course is aimed at non-native speakers of Legal English and Business English who want to improve their ability to present clearly and confidently in English. The course may be taken online, in London and worldwide.


Legal English UK's Presentation Skills course, Presenting in Legal English, will coach you to develop your language and presentation skills to express your ideas fluently and confidently. Your expert teacher will provide techniques on how to speak well in your second language. Our presentation skills training courses also explore areas such as how to use visual aids and slides, cultural influences around the world, body language and creating rapport with people from other nations.

Take a Presenting in English course with Legal English UK, the world’s leading provider of Presenting in Legal English training courses.

Legal English Immersion Course in London


A Legal English UK Presenting in English course will deliver:

  • Greater confidence when making speeches and giving presentations

  • New lessons on how to improve your presentation skills

  • The opportunity to rehearse and test your current strengths in presentation

  • The ability to use and control your voice more confidently when giving presentations

  • A wider range of appropriate language for presentating in English

English for Finance and Banking Course


A Legal English UK Presenting in English course will be of benefit to you if:

  • You would like to adapt your existing presentation skills to suit an international audience

  • Your profession means that you need to present to large international or English speaking audiences

  • You regularly deliver important presentations or speak at meetings in English


All our Presenting in Legal English courses are designed to meet the needs of our learners depending on their personal or organisational requirements. Our Presenting in Legal English course includes:

  • Key linguistic devices for improved presentation skills

  • Structure and discourse markers in legal presentations

  • Effective use of one's voice: pacing, cadence, pausing, pronunciation, rhythm and intonation

  • Preparing and rehearsing your presentation

  • Using slides and visuals

  • Answering questions

  • Using humour and anecdote

  • Non verbal communication and body language

  • Practice activities and feedback

Executive English Course in London

For additional information on Legal English UK's Presentations in English Course, please contact us by filling in the form below.

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