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TOLES Exam Sample Papers

TOLES means 'Test of Legal English Skills' and it is one way for participants to test their level of English for Law. As the world's leading school of English for Law, we run regular preparation courses for the three papers.

Law firms around the world are seeking exceptional candidates with excellent contract drafting skills, strong negotiating ability and a good level of interpersonal communication. It is rare to find candidates of this quality at any level but we have succeeded more than most schools at helping lawyers to get there.

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On this page, you can find sample papers for the TOLES Foundation, TOLES Higher and TOLES Advanced exams.

TOLES Foundation Paper

This is the beginner Legal English exam and focuses on basic grammar and vocabulary. There is a focus on competitive advantage.

  • Time allowed: 90 minutes

  • Skills tested: Legal reading and writing (90 minutes)

  • Focus: Practical legal vocabulary in authentic situations; consolidation of basic grammar

  • Appropriate level of general English: Elementary-Advanced

  • Score: The maximum score possible at Foundation level is 100

  • Certificate: TOLES Foundation

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TOLES Higher Paper

Audio 1 - Audio 2 - Audio 3

This paper is for intermediate-level Legal English students and above and focuses on more complex legal vocabulary and structures. There is a focus on register of the language with questions designed to test one's knowledge of formal and informal language. A listening paper is also included.

  • Time allowed: 135 minutes (depending on variations in the listening exam)

  • Skills tested: Legal reading and writing (90 minutes); legal listening (30-45 minutes)

  • Focus: Practical reading, writing and listening skills in real legal situations

  • Appropriate level of general English: Intermediate-Advanced

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TOLES Advanced Paper

The focus of the advanced exam is on contract drafting and legal writing and it is suitable for law students and lawyers of upper intermediate level and above. It is designed to measure a candidates's communicative abilities against that of a native speaker.

  • Time allowed: 120 minutes

  • Skills tested: Legal reading, writing and drafting, knowledge of register and business idiom

  • Focus: Practical reading, writing and drafting skills in authentic legal situations

  • Appropriate level of general English: Upper Intermediate – Advanced

Legal English Language Training runs regular TOLES Preparation Skills classes online, in London and across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. For further information, contact us today.

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