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Study in the UK

Visa rules for studying in the UK

The UK government has asked us to explain the new rules for Legal English and Business English students who wish to study in the United Kingdom. The details are printed below.

The big message from the new visa rules is that the UK is still open to Legal English and Business English students who wish to join us in London.

There are no more study restrictions for business visitors and tourists

The UK may be leaving the EU but it is still open to anyone who wishes to study Legal English. The current six-month student visitor visa route will stop, and instead, from January 2021, short-term students, business visitors and tourists will be all able to enter the country as visitors. This means that business people and tourists are free to study for the whole of their stay if they want to.

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Studying for up to six months is easy for all Legal English students

If you are from the EEA, Switzerland, or one of the many non-visa national countries it’s easy as you will get a stamp on arrival. There will be no need to do anything pre-arrival.

Non-visa nationals including all EU/EEA citizens can use e-gates for their visit visas.

Visa nationals will still need to apply for pre-entry clearance for a visit visa, but it should be a much easier online process.

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