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Advantages of Online Learning

Many lawyers and law students will inevitably ask the question: 'Should I learn Legal English online?' In this article, we look at the numerous advantages to learning Legal English and TOLES online.

If you are reading this post, it is possible that you are considering the idea of signing up for our Legal English online course, but perhaps you are still unsure because you are not used to learning via Skype. Let us assuage your concerns.

1. It is great for your legal career

Studying online allows you to have more time for your personal and professional lives. Students learn at their office, home or coffee shop without having to endure public transport or keep to a set schedule. In a recent survey, 44% of online students felt that their employment prospects had improved and 45% had received a pay rise thanks to an online training programme.

2. Comfort

Have you sat in a chair in a standard language school or law school? It's old, tattered and has been sat in by thousands of people before you. Why not get a better quality lesson with a more experienced teacher in the comfort of your own chair at home? Need to pop to the kitchen or bathroom? No problem at all as it is just around the corner.

3. Lower costs

All the course materials for your lessons are provided by email beforehand so you do not need to go to the extra expense of buying paperback books if you don't want to. If you already have books on Legal English, our tutors can teach to that book if you wish them to.

4. More responsibility

Our Legal English, TOLES and Business English courses are usually taught one-to-one. One-to-One teaching has many advantages - not least the fact that students take more responsibility for their lessons as they cannot hide behind other students in classes.

5. Learn at your own pace

If you need to put a heavier focus on contract law or criminal law, online lessons allow you to do that. Just talk with your course teacher and they will spend more time on whatever subject you wish to cover.

6. Safer

The world is in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic and this makes social interaction with strangers and loved ones very difficult at the moment. Learning Legal English online with expert teachers from the UK saves you the cost and time of travelling to your destination and the time it takes to self-quarantine.

Find out more about our elearning Legal English, TOLES and Business English courses by contacting us today.


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