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Legal English Course Options

The best in Legal English, Legal Writing, Legal Spanish, Legal French and Legal Italian courses are available to ambitious lawyers and law professionals around the world. How is this possible and where and how can you learn with the world's best teachers?

Our internationally renowned Legal Language Trainers work with ambitious lawyers, paralegals and law students from around the globe. Need to learn with Legal English UK? Here are your options.


Face to face language training with one of our superb language trainers at your law firm, corporate legal department, home or at a preferred location. One-to-One courses can be taken in any part of the world. Your course content is fully tailored to reflect your needs, situation, and activities – whether it is relocation or an international assignment. For all Legal Language Training courses, we offer complete flexibility of session formats and frequency. Course content is designed specifically for you and will reflect your needs and activities.

Legal English Courses Available Now

Group On-Site

Small group language training taken on-site at your law firm or corporate legal department with one of our experienced native legal language teachers. Course content is fully tailored to reflect your language level (as determined in our needs analysis) and target competencies. We provide complete flexibility in choosing the day(s) of your lesson(s) and time slots; training is typically taken by way of single or multiple weekly sessions of two hours or more but the choice is a matter for you.

Legal English Online Course

Online Legal English/TOLES Training

Internet based live language training via Skype, What's App and Facebook delivered directly by the world's best legal language trainers. These classes involve private one-to-one lessons with one of our Legal English language training team taken remotely from our virtual language schools around the world. This is the perfect option if you cannot visit Legal English Language Training in the UK or you are frequently travelling for business. If you would like to start language training before you relocate, you can start your course in your home country remotely with the same trainer that will take your face to face sessions in your destination country.

Fast Track Language Classes

Half-day, full-day or weekend courses taken with one of our experienced native trainers. Fast-track courses can be taken at your location either privately or in a small group setting. We also provide “Live and Learn English in England” courses if you would like intensive residential English training. Live and Learn English in England courses take place on site at our training studios in Wimbledon, London.

Legal English Immersion Course

Intensive Legal English and Business English Courses

An immersive course in English for Law, Legal Spanish, Legal Writing Skills and a wide range of other languages with a legal or business focus is a wonderful way to build confidence and fluency in your second language in a short space of time. Take the opportunity to join us for one week or more in London, online via Skype or we can run the course for you at any location in the world.

Blended Learning

Take your course through a ‘blend’ of face-to-face training, virtual training and self-study in a format designed to suit you, so that you may learn your new language to fit your working schedule. As with all of our world-class legal and business language courses, your course content is fully tailored to reflect your needs, situation and activities, whether it is relocation, an international assignment for your work or purely for personal reasons.

For further information on any of these courses, contact us today. We will contact you shortly.


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