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Legal TV Dramas on Netflix

These are the shows that our Legal English teachers and students are watching on Netflix. Take a look and tell us if there are any that we should be watching.

Most lawyers and law students seem to have access to Netflix so we asked our Legal English and other language teachers to tell us some of the best legal dramas for gaining a better understanding of law and language in England, the Middle East and the US.


We work with a lot of lawyers from the UAE and Justice is an entertaining introduction for our teachers on how the legal system works in Abu Dhabi. It was made in co-operation with the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department so you can see some of the real courtrooms used in the country and the stories are based on real-life cases. As the show was created by US television producers, it is a highly watchable insight into the law of the United Arab Emirates.

In the show, a young female lawyer returns to Abu Dhabi after gaining a law degree in the United States. Her father is a successful lawyer who wants his daughter to work at the family firm but she wants to set up her own practice. The show follows the various cases that she works on.

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The People v O J Simpson

This critically-acclaimed drama from the United States follows the real-life case of O J Simpson, a famous athlete accused of murdering his ex-wife and her former boyfriend. The case itself was shown live on TV with intensive media analysis at the end of each day. As O J was rich, he was able to hire an expensive team of lawyers who became famous themselves.

You should watch this show for an understanding of the American justice system and how money can really help a defendant. You should also watch it to understand how trial lawyers operate effectively in the courtroom.

Better Call Saul

This prequel to Breaking Bad does not contain that many courtroom scenes (if any) yet it is a great counterbalance to the majority of legal dramas from the US which tend to focus on confident lawyers winning case after case with ease.

This is the story of a lovable loser and his struggles to become a successful criminal lawyer and is wildly different from the slick legal dramas of New York and Chicago that we have come to expect.

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