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Legal English for Professionals

The Legal English Course for professionals aged 18 to 30

Learning Legal English as a new lawyer or law student? This course from Legal English UK will give you the commercial awareness to stand apart from your peers.

As a law student at university or a young lawyer who has just qualified, you will know of the competitive advantage that you need to bring to a law firm to stand apart from your peers. One way of doing this is through developing a deep knowledge of the law of another jurisdiction along with Legal English

The teachers of the London School of Legal English lead regular courses throughout the year for young professionals seeking to further understand this fast-moving area of the English language.

Legal English Course Materials

A language course trainer is only as good as the course materials they have. Legal English UK uses a mixture of materials for lessons; including case studies and worksheets produced in-house, legal journals, course books and text books. We are sure that we have access to more relevant course materials than any other language school or training provider in the world.

For further information about language courses for young professionals aged 18 to 30, contact us via e-mail or by filling the form out below.


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