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The Best Legal English Course

Forget sitting in damp classrooms listening to boring teachers. The Legal English course from Legal English UK gives you the commercial awaress and competitive edge to succeed in your career and studies.

The Intensive English for Lawyers course from Legal English Language Training is the most popular course of its kind in the world. Expert tutors with over 15 years of experience in teaching Legal English, EFLIT and Business English work one-to-one and in small groups with motivated lawyers, judges, law professors, students and other legal professionals. It is one week of challenging work that will make you a far better English speaker and a far better lawyer than you were at the beginning of the programme.



In this instance, we welcomed Tetsuaki who is a judge in Japan who is about to start studying at The University of Cambridge. He visited us to prepare for the course with work on the language of real property law, the legal system and corporate law.


We also welcomed Supardi, who is a Legal English teacher based at The University of Jember. He flew from Indonesia especially to attend the course and we were honoured to welcome him.


Both students rated the lessons as excellent and took a lot from it. Unlike most language schools, we keep in touch with the students and are happy to offer feedback and answer questions that they have whenever they wish.


The Tour

The students and their teacher and guide set off to discover Legal London. We visited Westminster to see Big Ben and take an exclusive tour of The UK Supreme Court. The students had the opportunity to sit in the judges' chairs in the various courtrooms as well as learn about the history of the building. You can see further photographs on this page and on our Instagram page.


We then visited Inner Temple and Middle Temple, which are two of the four inns of court where barristers (one branch of the legal profession) work and study. The group had the opportunity to tour the grounds and visit the main halls as well as visit Temple Church, which was featured in The Da Vinci Code.



As lessons mix presentations, role-plays, video, audio, exercises, lectures and guess talks, our team is always looking for ways to add an additional dynamic to teaching Legal English. The tour of Legal London is a great way to explain how the legal system works in the UK.


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