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The Legal English Mentor Programme

The Legal English Mentor Programme allows lawyers and law students unique access to the world's best Legal English and Business English trainers. You learn with us, have regular access to us and can utilise our resources. It is a truly world-class training system.

Mentoring and  Coaching in Legal English

Congratulations on taking the first steps to learning Legal English and Business English. We receive emails and messages from international lawyers from all over the world and we teach a select few of them. Few legal professionals are ready to devote serious time and energy to improving their confidence and fluency in this enthralling subject.


The Mentor Programme

Imagine a programme that is built entirely around your training needs. The focus is entirely on your skill level and the areas of law that you need to cover. You have a skilled and experienced teacher mentor who coaches you to improve your skills in the language and who keeps you motivated throughout the duration of your programme with regular lessons, feedback and emails.


Recent Mentees

Legal English UK works with the best international lawyers and law students from around the world. Recent mentees and students include Chief Legal Officers for organisations in the Middle East, Asia and Europe, Magic Circle lawyers in London and Judges from Italy, Japan, Spain and Germany.


In one recent mentoring programme we worked with Ezzat, who is the Chief Legal Officer for a big Kuwaiti company. The one-to-one training programme took place with one of our executive trainers in London and explored the language of contract law, corporate law and negotiating with British and American lawyers. We also had an exclusive tour of The United Kingdom Supreme Court and sat in on a trial.


Course Content

The world's only Legal English Mentoring Programme is designed around you. No distractions, no poor tutors. You receive truly bespoke language training from expert language teachers who have studied law, worked in law and have been teaching Legal English for over ten years to the world's most successful international lawyers.


For more on the Legal English Mentoring Programme, contact us via email or by filling in the form.

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