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The Business English Vocabulary Course is now live!

Introducing our innovative Business English language course that teaches you and then checks your understanding of new vocabulary with one of our world-class Business English trainers.

While our world-class one-to-one Business English courses have proven to be a great way for students to improve their confidence and fluency in the language, we appreciate that it may be difficult to take the time needed to take one of these superb courses.

That is one of the reasons why we created The Business English Vocabulary Course - led by one of our teachers in colloboration with a group of Business English students.

The course is split into six separate modules - all designed to improve your vocabulary:

Communication Skills

Marketing Skills

Jobs and Career

People and Human Resources

Customer Service

Management Skills

You can take the modules in any order (although we recommend that you begin with communication skills) and they are designed in a unique way that has been tested on our Business English students and has been proven to help them engage with the language thoroughly.

Unique Language Learning

In the first half of each module, the tutor builds your vocabulary by introducing you to various words and expressions that can be used at your workplace. The second half of each module then builds on your knowledge with questions and discussion points.

The course is available today by clicking on this link.

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