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Legal English Books

One of our Legal English teachers has written two books that are perfect for the ambitious student. We take a look at how they can help you to master Legal English.

When he's not teaching Legal English and Business English online, our trainer Michael Davies is writing books on the same subjects. He does this because he says that "it's one of the only ways that a tutor can truly understand his or her subject". It seems that reading books by great linguists like David Crystal or Bryan Garner or great lawyers such as Lord Woolf will only help you a little. Michael has written two books so far; one explores the grammar of Legal English while the other is a workbook with exercises designed to improve your knowledge of language and the law.

The Legal English Grammar Guide

This book serves as a handy introduction to the language of Legal English. It contains explanations of the various tenses that you can use along with examples taken from legal English and business English. It is aimed at lawyers and law students who have an intermediate level of Legal English. Find it here.

The Legal English Workbook

The Legal English Workbook is split into chapters looking at some of the most important areas of law including contract law, the legal profession, corporate law and intellectual property law.

The book includes exercises designed to enhance your knowledge of the vocabulary and grammar of Legal English and Business English with a mixture of comprehension questions, crosswords and other exercises. Find it here.

You can find our selection of books at The Legal English Store - as well as several pre-recorded courses that we offer.

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