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How we teach you

Legal Englsh UK: Blog: Teaching Methods

How do we teach you?

The Legal English School attracts the best lawyers and law students from around the world to our high-quality courses led by our top team of the world's best teachers. How do we continues to be number one at helping people to study Legal English compared to other language schools?

The best Legal English School

We have taught over 3,000 lawyers, law students, judges and translators at The Legal English School and remain confident in our ability to teach you with greater clarity and leadership than many normal language schools.

Since we were founded by three great of the world's best language teachers in 2010, we have developed many tried and tested methods to teach our highly motivated students. This has been thanks to a combination of academic research, testing in the classroom and teacher creativity.

Legal English Online Learning Courses

Choosing the best teachers

The most important key to our success has been choosing the very best teachers. We receive many CVs and applications each week but only a handful get the rare opportunity to work with us. What do we look for? We look for qualified teachers who can communicate effectively and know how to teach with confidence.

Working with leading law firms

We work with some of the world's top law firms such as Baker McKenzie, Jones Day and Ashurst. Spending our time with top lawyers allows us to teach them and learn from them in order to develop world-class training.

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Using great course materials

We have developed a range of bespoke language course materials to help with classes. These cover all subjects and range from help with written work to teaching aids for spoken communication. We also have a vast library of course books and text books that our tutors are able to tap into.

English for Oil and Gas Law Courses

High retention rates

We know that asking students to discuss, demonstrate and practice their knowledge are great ways of getting you to retain important information. Our classes include significant time devoted to all of these areas in order to get our learning points across.

Engaging in structured practice

Structured Practice is a learning style that our tutors also like to engage with. It allows the student to repeat phrases and be corrected consistently in order to master Legal English.

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