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French Courses for Lawyers

Legal French Courses in London and Online

Legal French Language Training Courses for lawyers and legal professionals who need to gain confidence and fluency in this fascinating area of the language.


Legal French Language Training has over ten years of experience in teaching Legal French and Business French to lawyers and law students for law firms such as Ashurst and Freshfields. Our Legal French language teachers have worked with hundreds of language learners from beginners to experienced speakers who are wish to improve their communicative skills and legal knowledge in this beautiful language.


Read more about our partnership with Ashurst LLP to deliver Legal French classes.


While coaching individuals to success in Legal French, we also work closely with businesses and law firms that are expanding into new territories or seeking further language training for their employees. French is spoken as their mother tongue by over 75 million people in countries including Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, Switzerland and France.


With many law firms operating internationally, the ability to communicate in Legal French is becoming essential.


Understanding French Law

Another distinct advantage to our courses is that our tutors can provide you with a deeper knowledge of French law and the French legal system. This allows you to pick up vocabulary and phrases particularly suited to Legal French and Business French that would not be studied in a typical French class.


Our Methodology

Our training sessions are conducted almost entirely in French by native French language speakers, enabling you to become immersed in the language as you learn, making progress from the very first moment you step through the door. Known as the Unique Method, this approach accelerates listening comprehension, improves pronunciation and will soon help you to grasp how French sentences are put together, in addition to building your vocabulary and grammar skills.


For more information on learning Legal French or Business French, fill out the form below or email us.

French Courses for Lawyers
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