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London Legal English Courses

Where should I learn Legal English?

London Legal English Training
Why should legal professionals and lawyers study legal English in London?

We welcome hundreds of lawyers, law students and other legal professionals to our language school in London every year. Our world-class language teachers work so hard to deliver the value and unique language training that makes Legal English UK the best in the world. But why do so many participants take the time to visit us in London? What makes this city special and the best place to learn legal English?
The Centre of the English Language
English is the language of law and business around the world. You could walk into a law firm in Tokyo, Beijing, Milan, Manila or Madrid and find lawyers and businesspeople of all nationalities communicating in English. There are many versions of English from American English to 'Globish' but the language that most people want to communicate in is British English and the best place to find that with the best teachers will always be in London.

London is Open
The London School of Legal English is a proud supporter of the Mayor of London's initiative 'London is Open.' The campaign was borne out of the fact that Brexit and the increasing mood of anti-globalisation around the world might dissuade businesses and foreign students from coming to London to live, study and work. In our experience, this has not happened. We welcomed more students this year than in the previous year and received more enquiries and student registrations than any other independent language school. This is testament to the hard work and excellent teaching skills of our language trainers.
The Legal English Online School
London is the greatest city in the world
London is not only the spiritual heart of the English language but it is also the centre of English & Welsh law and boasts some of the greatest museums and cultural institutions in the world. While encouraging our students to explore legal London, we also tell them to visit the city and try the great restaurants, pubs, museums and parks that the city has to offer.
No other city allows Legal English students to visit small villages where lawyers study and work, to tour The UK Supreme Court and sit in a judge's chair, to attend a murder trial or to visit a police museum. This is why Legal English UK is based in London and why you should study here.
If you would like to learn legal English in London, we offer intensive courses and workshops. Contact us via e-mail or by filling in the form below.

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