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London Legal English Training

London Legal English Training

At London Legal English Language Training, we are a group of expert EFL teachers who understand that the only real way for lawyers to learn is through our unique method of teaching and structured language practice.

Our primary focus is on teaching Legal English and Contract Drafting. We write books on the subject, teach the subject every day to lawyers from around the world, and work with organisations such as Google, Cisco Systems, Banco Santander and many hundreds of law firms.

If you are an ambitious international lawyer who needs that crucial competitive advantage over your peers, Legal English is your best choice.

Intensive English for Lawyers Course

Our main Legal English language course is intensive training over five days or two weeks in London. These immersive courses allow our expert teachers to work with our students on a one-to-one or small group basis and develop their language and law skills with a deep focus that no other language school can match.

TOLES Preparation Skills Courses

Are you going to take the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills? Our highly qualified teachers can help you to prepare for this exacting test. Using academic lessons with organic learning as well as secret hints and tips to improve your exam prospects, we are the only school that knows everything about the examination.

Legal English Online Courses

If you are an unable to study with Legal English UK in London, our teachers can visit you at home through the comfort and convenience of the internet. We run classes all day and every day through Skype, Apple FaceTime and Facebook so you can learn in your own time and at your own pace. Course materials are sent to you beforehand by email. You can book a trial lesson here.

If you would like to study English language for Lawyers in London with us, fill in the form on this screen, email us or telephone (44) 020 3573 0182 .

London Legal English Studio

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