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As a top international lawyer, you will know that there are great lawyers and there are terrible lawyers, just as there are great sportspeople and terrible sportspeople.  You can choose to stay in a five-star hotel or you can choose to stay in a one-star hostel.  When it comes to learning Legal English, Legal Spanish, Legal Italian or Legal French, we realise that you are choosing to invest valuable time, effort and money.  This is why you should go the experts.  Language Schools are great if you wish to sit in a group of ten other people and talk to a tutor once every ten minutes but there comes a time when you need more than just what everyone else does.


We picked our language tutors with the same care and attention that we devote to our students.  Our team are all tutors of their chosen language with over five years experience.  They have also worked in law and in most instances possess university degrees in law.  



Michael Davies

Senior Legal English Language Trainer

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Michael Davies is considered to be one of the UK's top Legal English language teachers and has written a book called Legal English Skills for Lawyers.  He has run language courses at Cisco, Baker and McKenzie, Anglo-American Mining, BHP, Abengoa, BAT and BNP Paribas.


Book:  Legal English Skills for Lawyers 

Twitter:   @mikedaviesnow

Chris Mitchell

Executive Assistant/Project Director

Chris is an Executive Assistant to the language tutors at Legal English.  He also works on our wide range of social media accounts and assists our clients and students to get the very best value from our language courses.


Twitter:  @chrisjmit

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Angel Matias

Legal Spanish Tutor/Legal English Tutor/Spain Agent

Angel works with Legal English Language Training in the UK and Spain as a tutor and agent.  As a qualified lawyer, he is ideally placed to teach Legal English to Spanish lawyers and Legal Spanish to lawyers from outside Spain.

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Andy Tubb

Legal Advisor

Andy is a top corporate lawyer who works for one of the biggest law firms in the United Kingdom.  He advises Legal English Language Training on changes to English law to enable our tutors to be the very best in the sector.

These are just a few of the lawyers, tutors and staff who work with Legal English Language Training Solutions.  For further information about us, please telephone (44)0 20 3566 0145, e-mail us or fill out the form on the screen.  

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