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How can I improve my Legal English?

Legal English Language Training has one overwhelming mission:  to deliver the best language training courses for lawyers, law students, counsel and other legal professionals in London, on-line and throughout the world.  We aim to provide our students with the support, materials and teaching that they need to reach their maximum potential in this area of language that we are the experts in.  



To achieve this, we will work with leading language teachers and with the most relevant and up-to-the-minute case materials and learning materials.  We understand that you are investing a lot of time and money in learning a language with us and we seek to attain maximum value for you.  



Our values are clear and all of our tutors must follow them:

  • Be professional at all times

  • Be willing to work within a team

  • Show enthusiasm for your work and for Legal English UK

  • Focus completely on the client

  • Be responsive to the needs of the client



We will work with students of all levels of English and other languages to enable them to develop greater confidence, fluency and accuracy within the English language, several foreign languages for law and Legal English in particular.  


Other Services

The School of Legal English also delivers cross-cultural training for lawyers and business people, legal translation, legal interpreting and localisation to the United Kingdom specifically.


All of the staff and language teachers at Legal English UK will do our best to repay your faith in us.  


If you would like to learn Legal English with us, please fill in the form on this page.  You can also telephone 020 3566 0145 or e-mail here.  

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