Legal English from London to Moscow

Our Legal English course teachers have taught successful and ambitious international lawyers from all over the world. Would it be possible to run an intensive course from the offices of Cisco in London to the Moscow Legal Team though? If it's us, of course.

Moscow Legal English Courses

Corporate Language Training Course

Corporate Language Training

In Brief

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The Head of Legal at Cisco Systems called London Legal English to ask us to work with the Moscow Legal Team to develop an intensive course on the language of contract law and corporate law in the United Kingdom with emphasis on the work done by Cisco.

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The Details

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There were three lawyers in the class for this intensive course which took place over four days for six hours each day. Our Legal English language trainer led the course from Cisco HQ in London and was connected via satellite to the students in Moscow.

Prior to the commencement of the course, the students took a diagnostic test so that we could determine their knowledge of English and the law and the tutor could gain a deeper understanding of what they needed from the course.

After that, a programme was designed incorporating those areas of Legal English that we felt the students needed to know.

At the conclusion of the course, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the students expressed their thanks to London School of Legal English for a valuable and productive course.

Why are more international law firms turning to Legal English?

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