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How can I network effectively in English?

You will know that networking effectively and with confidence is an essential skill for a top international lawyer.  The best way to improve is to learn with the leaders in Legal English language training and in this post, our great tutors look at some of the best ways to improve.  



A study by the Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert estimated that nearly half the average person's time is spent thinking about other things during a conversation.  If you have ever tried meditating, you will also have found it hard to focus for more than a few minutes.


People usually notice if you are not listening to what they are saying.  It may be from your eyes or it may be from you asking a series of questions that have no relevance to what the person was saying.  


When you are in a conversation at a networking event, mentally check that you are focused on the people you are conversing with.  If not, bring your mind back to the present moment.  


Body Language

If listening intently is a vital component of networking, so is maintaining great body language.  Watch politicians during debates and you will see lots of hand movements, gestures and even the occasional eye roll.  Try and learn from politicians like Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.  Watch them with the sound turned off and attempt to absorb their mannerisms.  Bill Clinton famously watched John F Kennedy's walking style many times in order to mimic it and appear more presidential.


Do your research

Networking events will frequently mention who is attending, either before on the internet or during the event with handouts.  Do some research beforehand using LinkedIn or Twitter to find out more about the person.  One issue that frequently occurs during these events is talking to people who are not in the same business as you.  While everyone is important, an event will probably only last two hours at most, so you should maximise your time effectively.



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