New Legal English book launched

Lead Legal English Trainer Michael Davies has published a new book on Legal English. Following on from his successful book "Legal English for Lawyers", the book explores the legal profession in England and Wales.


Legal English UK Publishing have launched a new book on law and the language by our Executive Trainer Michael Davies.

As an experienced Legal English teacher who has worked in the legal sector and EFL for over 15 years, Michael is ideally positioned to write books that students can understand and learn from. He has worked with hundreds of lawyers and law students from around the world and has already written three bestselling books on the subject.

Bringing Legal English to the world

While Legal English UK's online classes are incredibly successful, and have allowed our teachers to teach students from around the world, we are aware that not everybody has the time or money to commit to a course. Books such as Legal English Case Studies can help to bridge that gap.

The Legal Profession

The book, which is the first of a planned series on language and the law, explores the legal profession in England and Wales. It mixes articles with graphics and exercises to allow learners to develop a deeper understanding of an issue that frequently perplexes students of Legal English.

The book is available to download from Amazon and should be available on other platforms soon.