Legal English One-to-One Course in London

The world's only dedicated School of Legal English for lawyers and law students offers tailored one-to-one training for legal professionals who need to focus on particular aspects of Legal English with our qualified and expert teachers. To book a free consultation, send us your email address.


Private Legal English Classes

Join us in London for our tailor-made individual one-to-one Legal English classes for lawyers. If you are a lawyer or law professional with the ambition to improve your language skills, you need an experienced teacher of Legal English. We work with the world's best international lawyers to develop their communication skills in Legal English.

Legal English Vocabulary Skills Courses in London and Online

Exclusive Legal English Course Material

Take a class in a language school and receive the same class as everyone else who has stepped through that door. Most language schools are owned by corporations and oligarchs and staffed by underpaid teachers so why should they care about you - one of thousands of students who walk through that door. With Legal English London, you receive independent tuition from experts who live and breathe the language of Legal English. You work with course material that has been prepared exclusively for you - case studies, exercises, law reports relating directly to your work.

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Learn Legal English at your home or office

No need to spend time on public transport getting to your school building because your tutor will visit you. You can also learn online for added convenience or at our office in Wimbledon, just 20 minutes from Central London by express train.

You choose what to cover

If you are a contract law lawyer, some aspects of legal English may be interesting but you would not wish to spend significant time covering them. Individual tutoring concentrates wholly on those areas of law and the language that you need to know.

Legal English Language Training UK coaches international lawyers around the world to succeed in Legal English, Financial English and Business English. We work with corporations such as Atlantica Yield, Google, Santander Bank, UBS and Baker & McKenzie to deliver the best language training programmes for lawyers. For further information, contact us on 44(0) 20 3573 0145 or fill out the form on this screen.

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