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Why are we the best in Legal English tuition?

As a lawyer or law student seeking to improve your legal English to a level where your colleagues and clients take notice, you will require coaching from experienced language tutors who possess dual knowledge of language and the law that ordinary teachers just do not have.  As the world leader in language training for lawyers, with corporate clients that include Cisco Systems, Baker & McKenzie, Abengoa, BDB Limited and hundreds of law firms across the world, there is only one choice for learners who needs to improve their communication skills in English for Law.  This is how we approach helping you become a better English speaker:


1. Aims and Objectives

Before you begin studying with our excellent team of tutors, we will ask you to tell us your goals from the course as well as your preferred learning style(s).  If you specialise in a particular area of law then you should tell us about this as we are experts in providing the very best customised tutoring.


2. Planning and Scheduling

We will then seek to plan a timetable for you and a plan of action.  You can study with our teachers at the Legal English office in Wimbledon in South West London or at your own home or office, online or at another location.  


3. The best language lessons

Each lesson you take with us will be focused specifically on those areas that you need to improve upon.  In some cases, one topic will be covered throughout the class while in others you may focus on several topics.  Your tutors are skilled and experienced in teaching legal language to lawyers from around the world and will know how to get the best from you.


4. Providing constructive feedback and support

As specialists in language training for lawyers, we build relationships with our students over and after the courses - as educators, mentors, colleagues and friends.    Our senior teaching staff oversee every aspect of lessons to ensure that quality is being maintained.  Tutors will provide constant feedback to you throughout your course and updates on your progress.



Legal English UK provides the best tutoring for lawyers and legal professionals in legal French, legal Italian, legal English and legal Spanish as well as a host of other languages.  We are based in London but can teach you online and around the world.  For further information, call us on (44)0 20 3566 0145, e-mail us or fill in the form on this page.  

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