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Semi-intensive Legal English Courses in London

Study Legal English part-time with some of the best language trainers in ESP (English for Specific Purposes). With us, you can learn more about English and the law or prepare for the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills. Courses take place regularly in London, online, and overseas.

Legal English Topics Covered

Listed below will you find some of the subjects that can be covered in your Legal English language course.

Legal Writing

An introduction to legal writing

The writing process

Writing emails in English

Legal correspondence Internal and external memoranda

Drafting contracts

Sale and purchase agreements (SPAs)


Legal English reference guide: legal writing

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  1. The legal profession

  2. Contract law

  3. Tort law

  4. Criminal law

  5. Company law

  6. Commercial law

  7. Property law

  8. Litigation and Arbitration

  9. International law

  10. Intellectual Property law


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The practice of law

Company law: company formation and management

Company law: capitalisation

Company law: fundamental changes in a company

Contracts: contract formation

Contracts: remedies

Contracts: assignment and third-party rights

Employment law

Sale of goods

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