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Legal English Training: Meet our students and corporate clients

Legal English Language Training is the provider of choice for hundreds of law firms and corporate legal departments as well as thousands of legal professionals.  Our tutors have improved the language skills of international lawyers, in-house counsel, law students and other legal professionals and helped them to develop a deeper understanding of the language of Legal English.  These are professionals who work with and for some of the largest organisations in the world.  Lawyers need to communicate effectively in their second language in order to do their jobs well.  Our tutors understand that and strive to provide the very best tuition.  

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The Senior Partner of this Italian law firm based in Florence visited us from Italy to embark on an Intensive Legal English Course specifically about charity law and trusts law in England and Wales.  He was extremely pleased with the result.  This article includes a video testimonial.  

The French Corporate Lawyer

Our London School of English for Lawyers works with dedicated and motivated legal practitioners who expect more from their language training than a generic group class.  Virginie is a corporate lawyer who has relocated to London.  She asked us to design a course for her that provided her with a greater understanding of Legal English, how to write correspondence and for specific work on the language of commercial law in the UK.

Legal English Immersion Courses On-line Legal English Training Teaching Methods Santander Bank PLC

Pilar is a corporate lawyer working for Santander Bank in Milton Keynes.  She asked Legal English UK to design a course for her to help her confidence with English law, Business English and to help her prepare for the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills.

If you would like to become another Legal English success story, please contact us on 020 3566 0145, by e-mail or by filling out the form on this screen.  

Cisco Systems

Cisco's EMEA General Counsel asked Legal English UK to design an intensive Legal English training course for the Moscow team.  We designed a series of classes focusing on contract law and how to communicate fluently and effectively during presentations.  We also helped the lawyers to improve their legal writing skills.  The classes took place over secure video link between London and Moscow.  

Our Courses Anglo-American Mining Corporation

Melissa is an environmental lawyer who works for Anglo-American Mining in Peru.  She came to London for one month to take an intensive Legal English language course with a specific focus on environmental law and local governmet law in the United Kingdom.  The course was a complete success and Melissa was highly satisfied with the results.  

Corporate Language Training Jausas Law, Barcelona

Jausas is a large Spanish law firm with offices in Madrid and Barcelona.  They requested that we run a language course for one of their senior lawyers who was visiting London for several weeks.  We designed a course for her that will enable her firm to move far further forward than they would have done without our training.