New TOLES Legal English Book Published

The fact that there used to be no good books on the TOLES Legal English examination helped persuade one of our TOLES Legal English teachers to write a book on the subject. It has now been published on Amazon.

TOLES Legal English Skills Accredited

Having taught TOLES courses to many hundreds of ambitious international lawyers around the world, Legal English UK's Michael Davies realised that something was missing in the range of books available to test takers.

There are several books on Legal English available but none of them concentrate solely on the most important area of the English language: grammar.

Show and Tell

Michael decided to write the book in a clear and concise manner with detailed explanations on areas of Legal English that might appear in the TOLES exams as well as provide clear examples of the types of sentences that one might read or need to write in the exams.

It was a painstaking process that required many hours of research into the three TOLES exams (TOLES Foundation, TOLES Higher and TOLES Advanced). The book provides examples for everyone but is more aimed at takers of the Higher and Advanced exams.

Critical Reception

Legal English UK has shown the book to several students on our TOLES courses and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Another advantage to the book is that it is incredibly cheap and great value compared to the expensive prices for other academic legal English books.

The TOLES Legal English Grammar Guide is available on Amazon platforms around the world. Find out more about our Legal English Courses by filling in the form below.