Three TV shows to watch if you want to improve your legal English.


Can you really watch a TV show about lawyers and learn legal English? Of course.

Shows such as Suits, The Trial, Silk and Rumpole of the Bailey do so well at mixing entertainment with teaching us about how law works in the UK and overseas.

As long as you combine watching these programmes with a good language course, you should develop a deeper understanding of legal English.

Rumpole of the Bailey

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Rumpole of the Bailey is a British television drama screened from 1978 to 1992. The reason why we mention this one is because Rumpole has a love of the English language and uses it frequently in court. He also defends poor criminal clients, which makes trials a little more interesting than corporate law.

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The Trial

The Trial is an interesting experiment from British TV network Channel Four. As cameras are not permitted in British courtrooms (except for The Supreme Court), the producers held a mock trial with real-life lawyers, a retired judge and jury members taken from members of the public. Actors played the parts of the accused and most of the witnesses.

The Briefs

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Solicitors are separate to barristers in UK law and their work is considered less sexier as their work does not usually involve court appearances, and if it does, it tends to be minor cases. If you can find this documentary on the web, it is a useful insight into the work of solicitors.

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English Legal profession

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TOLES Courses Online

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