Learning Legal English Online

Where can I find free Legal English lessons on the web?

Students of Legal English, TOLES, Business English, and Legal Spanish as well as a plethora of other languages now have access to the world of London Legal English with our online YouTube channel. These ad-free videos contain short lessons as well as testimonials from our students and introductions from our great language trainers. Some of the videos are featured below.

Fabrizio Celestini is a lawyer from Italy. He was working for UNESCO when he visited Legal English in London to study about the language of art law and contract law.

You asked for more free lessons on the vocabulary and language of legal English so please watch this short video about some of the words that lawyers use.

Legal English UK's Michael Davies talks about how successful international lawyers can differentiate themselves from their peers.

The people of the United Kingdom possess a broad range of accents. In this film, native speakers read a line in their local accent.

The International Legal English Certificate or ILEC was an examination of Legal English which was discontinued in 2016.

Enrico Sarti is one of the best lawyers in Italy. He studies English for Law with us every year. Here is what he had to say.