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The TOLES Test of Legal English Skills

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Key Facts about TOLES

  • There are three different papers in TOLES

  • You can take the exams online

  • The exams test vocabulary, grammar and language

  • Legal English UK is the best school for TOLES

  • The exams help you to attain practical skills in legal English

  • A TOLES certificate does not expire

  • The Legal English Grammar Guide will help you

  • We have taught more TOLES students than any other language or law school

  • The papers tend to focus on contract law and corporate law

English is the global language of travel, business and law. If you are looking to excel in your legal career then a knowledge of legal English is essential. 


If your aim is to have greater commercial potential or to work with your the big US and UK law firms, to become a translator or interpreter then a knowledge of general or business English will simply not be enough.


While the IELTS exam serves a useful purpose in helping students to understand their language level, the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills allows legal professionals to determine their legal English level 


The TOLES exams, which are split into three levels, help trainee lawyers prove their legal English level to globally-minded law firms.

How can I apply for the TOLES Exam?

You can apply through the TOLES website or via designated official exam centres. Our team will be able to assist you in registering. 

When you register, you must specify the date they want to take the exam, and then complete the registration form along with the exam fee and identity information.

Why should I take a TOLES exam?

The exams will provide you with a goal to aim for and give you direction in your studies. You will develop a good base knowledge of the English and Welsh legal system as well as the vocabulary and expressions used within it. You will develop an understanding of contract drafting.

Who recognises the TOLES certificate?

The fact that you have taken and passed the Test of Legal English Skills will be acknowledged by a future employer and will help you to gain a new job. The exams are now over 20 years old and many law firms and organisations are aware of the additional English skills that TOLES candidates have.

TOLES does not replace any general English language exam. You should  add TOLES to your other English language qualifications rather than see TOLES as a substitute.

We know that TOLES exam candidates are better prepared for typical interview questions than job candidates who rely on knowledge taken only from their law degree. This is a major benefit of studying for TOLES.

To prepare for the exam, there are also course options suitable for the curriculum for the candidates. These courses, which are prepared in face-to-face or online training formats, help the participants both to determine their current level and to fill any gaps in English proficiency before the application.

Candidates who want to attend TOLES exam preparation courses do not have to take the placement exam if the TOEFL, PTE (Academic) or IELTS scores they have taken in the last 2 years are sufficient.

Candidates attending pre-application courses can work on different case examples and have the chance to put their legal English knowledge into practice with assignments and projects. During the course, they can improve their English knowledge in various areas such as negotiation techniques, corporate law, banking law, and commercial law.

TOLES Question Practice

TOLES Legal English Online Lessons

The TOLES exam preparation course from The Legal English School can be taken online via Skype and What's App with our friendly expert British Legal English teachers who understand the exam and can provide you with the tips and tools to take it successfully. Every member of our team has prepared students for the TOLES exam and know how to best approach the exam for maximum value.


Free TOLES Sample Papers

Why study with Legal English UK?

Legal English Online is a world leader in language training of lawyers and legal professionals. Our courses and our course materials have been developed with the advice of great lawyers and law tutors and our tutors are chosen for their skill at teaching effectively.


The TOLES Grammar Guide from Amazon


We talk to many law firms and we know that the main requirements of senior partners are that their lawyers possess great legal drafting skills, excellent negotiating and communication skills and an ability to compete in a crowded marketplace. As the number one school of English for Lawyers in the world, we are in a unique position to deliver effective and relevant training for lawyers and law students alike.


To find out more about learning the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills online, contact us by email or by telephoning (44) 0 20 3573 0182.

TOLES is an examination of legal English. It is split into three sections:


This is suitable for students at beginner level. The main focus is on grammar and vocabulary. As with our language school, it also encourages commercial awareness for candidates.


This is suitable for intermediate level students. The focus is on intermediate grammar and vocabulary and it is a useful introduction to working in a law firm or studying law at university.


This is suitable for advanced level learners of English as a Foreign Language. The focus is on near native-speaker level English. It is considered to be a good exam for commercial lawyers to take.

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